Monday, April 25, 2022

What I’m Watching: Russian Doll

Russian Doll: Season 2, Episode 4 “Station to Station” (B+)

Well, this is certainly interesting. I was right that there was German written on the subway doors when Alan got on them, and it turns out that he’s been living in his grandmother’s life, which is a considerably different experience than the one that Nadia has been having with her mother. He also has a radically different perspective from her about what to do with that incredible ability, which he’s basing in the same way on the movies that he’s seen: don’t try to change anything. Of course, he only felt that way when he thought it was an idyllic existence and that happiness might be possible, but upon learning that his grandmother was part of an operation to tunnel under the Berlin Wall, all he could think about was trying to change the past. I was surprised that Nadia just abandoned 1982 to go to Hungary, where she was mission-driven but Maxine was intent on accomplishing something else, eager to be impregnated by the grandson of the Hungarian Nazi while Nadia searched for clues. They did wake up by that grave of the priest, but then we got a great and somewhat disconcerting surprise at the end of the episode: Nadia’s train destination changes depending on where she is. I imagine she’s now in the body of her grandmother, which is going to be a wild ride and one that might be quite precarious and chilling, especially considering she’s still herself and isn’t likely to try to fly under the radar.

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