Sunday, April 24, 2022

What I’m Watching: Moon Knight

Moon Knight: Season 1, Episode 4 “The Tomb” (B+)

Much of this episode was just spent wandering around and looking for answers, and that wasn’t too enthralling, along with them fighting mostly unseen and rather creepy creatures, but the parts that were more exciting did deliver. Layla made a formidable stand when she hid behind the car and that grabbed the flares, and she made sure that they got out of there alive, which was hardly guaranteed. Steven defending Marc when Layla went in to kiss him was an unexpected show of loyalty for someone who has been trying to keep him suppressed and unable to be in control of his own life. Harrow did try to get into Layla’s head by telling her that he read Marc’s scales and that he’s not a good person, mainly because he was there when her father got killed. Fortunately, she wasn’t too swayed by that and still tried to help Marc, who promptly got shot multiple times by Harrow. I’m not big on the idea that this might all just be a dream or a hallucination, with Marc waking up as a patent in a psychiatric ward with Harrow, Layla, and other people surrounding him in various roles, but Marc finding Steven in one of the caskets made it seem like there’s definitely something serious going on here that’s not just in their minds. Their joint scream when the elephant lady started talking to them was a weird but a fitting way to close out this episode, and I wonder what kind of answers we’ll get in the next two episodes.

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