Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Take Three: Killing It

Killing It: Season 1, Episode 3 “Dominine” (B+)

This will likely be my final episode of this show, at least for now, since I wanted to make sure to sample enough of it before I had a chance to speak with the executive producers and the cast. The concept of a conference like Dominine is a clearly a send-up of so many other gatherings that feel excessive and tout absurd ideas that are all meant to be motivational but are in truth far less based in reality. Making him pay more for another lanyard with the horrifically condescending “I didn’t realize you were poor / where are the free lanyards for losers” was a miserable start, and then Isaiah went ahead and sold so many counterfeit wristbands that he created a new top tier that even Rita Gaines believed was real. She was a lot too, interrupting Craig constantly so that he ran out the clock on his one-minute pitch and then having him come out in front of the crowd before telling him that she was already invested with a competitor in the same space. “Promise me you’ll never stop struggling” was not a very helpful parting message. Getting taken down by the terrible child, Prada, was another low point, though I’d argue that the eternally optimistic Jillian had it worse with the air horns to the face. I enjoyed recognizing John Reynolds from “Search Party” as Nate, who didn’t air horn her and was impressed enough to have her pitch to an investor. I’m not sure that was ever going to work out. Anyway, this show has been fun, and I’d be happy to watch more of it in the future if the time presents itself.

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