Monday, April 18, 2022

What I’m Watching: Minx

Minx: Season 1, Episode 9 “We're gonna need more tinsel” (B+)

So much for Joyce making a quick return to Minx. Taking some time away to be with Maggie felt therapeutic at first, but, after coming to Maggie’s work and getting an offer to write a piece for her publication, she realized that she was being used for her interesting story, something that she didn’t appreciate and didn’t want to have any part in when that was, to a degree, the reason she was championing her feminist ideas. Leaving the dinner party to go meet a random guy was a move that didn’t feel very much like her, and Maggie was upset enough about it to want an apology, something she hardly felt like giving considering how she was made to feel in front of her friends. Doug was understandably frustrated with everyone’s unhappiness that Joyce was no longer there, reminding them that they somehow made magazines long before Joyce was ever a part of the team. It was particularly bad timing for Billy to be an uncooperative model, one who insisted that he had to do things the way he wanted and was aggressive enough to get Richie to storm out and leave Doug to take the pictures. Bambi’s efforts to boost Shelly’s self-esteem after her husband expressed aimless angst about not being able to fulfill her needs were kindhearted and led to an unexpected union that is sure to change the nature of their relationship going forward, even if Bambi is likely to move on without giving it much thought.

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