Monday, April 18, 2022

What I’m Watching: Julia

Julia: Season 1, Episode 5 “Crepes Suzette” (B+)

There is a certain rhythm that seems to have been established for this show-within-a-show, and I especially enjoyed the crew rushing over to sample the food as soon as cut was called. Julia being invited to San Francisco to do a promotional spot presented an interesting opportunity to go on the road and see how the greater public responded to Julia, and the eager fans waiting in line for the book signing was a great start to the trip. I couldn’t figure out where I knew the actor playing James Beard, and I now see that it was Christian Clemenson, the Emmy winner from “Boston Legal” who is great at disappearing into roles like this one. Julia had a good time with him even if he did push her typical limits – like going to a drag show where someone performed as her and even invited her up for a surprisingly sweet duet – and she also knew when to tell him that she was done, so that she could go back to the hotel and relax with a frustrated and abandoned Paul. While he was without Julia, Paul did have an opportunity to reconnect with Claire, which helped him to process his priorities. I liked that Russ was mistaken for Alice’s assistant by the San Francisco PBS guys, and he was unexpectedly honest about his initial doubts about Julia’s show being a workable concept. Alice and Avis bonding back at home was very worthwhile, especially since Alice didn’t find the support she needed in her mother ,who rather coldly reminded her that she was her mother and not her friend.

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