Saturday, April 16, 2022

What I’m Watching: Better Things

Better Things: Season 5, Episode 8 “Jesus Saves” (B+)

This show has some very random Jewish content every once in a while, presumably based on Pamela Adlon’s own experience. The family all instinctively saying “hey” when someone on the Zoom funeral said “Sheket Bevakashah” (quiet please) was a humorous moment. Marian was unexpectedly emotional on there, and it was intriguing to get a peek into the greater family dynamic. Before their international flight, there were some potent interactions at the house, starting with the arrival of Cope and his absolutely clueless and excessive girlfriend Yancey, played by the dependable Casey Wilson from “Black Monday” and “Happy Endings.” While Duke was embarrassed by her passport photo, Frankie mocked Max for trying on sixteen personalities, only to pivot to comforting her by asking her to help her pack when she saw how devastated she was by that comment. Phil attempting to sit in first class was an awkward start to a long, uncomfortable flight, and only Max got to have a drink with her aunt and uncle there while Sam wasn’t even allowed to use the first class restroom. Phil’s comment to the flight attendant that her Jesus Saves bracelet wasn’t appropriate ended up not being the most memorable confrontation of the flight, with Sam calling out the horrible man next to her and ultimately giving that same flight attendant the perfect opportunity to show what she could do in her position and earn a round of applause from everyone else on the plane. Sam high-fiving the kid in front of her was a fantastic ending to that whole miserable incident.

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