Monday, April 25, 2022

What I’m Watching: Russian Doll

Russian Doll: Season 2, Episode 6 “Schrödinger’s Ruth” (B+)

Delivering on the subway platform was a dramatic turn of events, and we got a sense of how much she’s losing her grip on what time she’s in by the arrival of everyone she knows to help, even people who shouldn’t have been there in that moment. Waking up in the hospital next to Chez smoking a cigar was a strange comfort since at least he was relevant to that era, though he was quickly ushered out by an angry Vera. Ruth was there advocating to give Nora a chance to raise the baby herself, and Nadia made a very puzzling decision to take the baby on the subway with her, a real “Thelma and Thelma,” as she described it. Upon returning to her present with the baby intact, she saw how things began to unravel and she kept jumping in time a week back, seeing Ruth in the hospital in various conditions based on what had brought her there on that date. Finding multiple corpses of herself and then of Alan was extremely worrisome, and Alan also started to see his own stable reality begin to crumble. Getting asked for his grandmother’s papers in 1962 was the first unfortunate step, and then getting off the subway in Nora’s 1982 was deeply concerning. Seeing his friend’s dad who had been dead for years and meeting the three Oatmeals got him spooked, and it does at least seem like both he and Nadia with baby in arms have found each other in the same timeline, whatever that will mean for their ability to correct things.

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