Friday, April 22, 2022

Take Three: Swimming with Sharks

Swimming with Sharks: Season 1, Episode 3 “Chapter Three” (B+)

Lou isn’t wasting much time in moving ahead with her endgame, and those around her are starting to catch on. After Travis treated her very poorly when he had the upper hand in their relationship dynamic, he has now reached the conclusion that she is manipulative and can’t be trusted, something he’d like others to hear but sounds petty when he says it. Miles, on the other hand, was very open to showing her his place and spending a lot of time together, but when she texted him a photo and he found out that she worked for his wife, he wasn’t happy at all, aware that he had been pulled into something with suspicious and problematic overtones to it. And then there’s Redmond, who makes Joyce and whatever she may have done look angelic by comparison. He’s wielding the fact that Joyce thought he was on his deathbed to exert even more crippling influence over her and to crush her dreams with pleasure. On a show full of mostly terrible people all trying to achieve something for their own aims, it’s hard to find a sympathetic character who seems truly pure of intention. The closest thing ended up floating in a pool at the end of the previous episode, and while Marty certainly treats people better than most, he also didn’t mind giving in to temptation and letting Lou keep a secret for him that definitely fell under the category of something he knew he shouldn’t have been doing.

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