Friday, April 22, 2022

Round Two: Swimming with Sharks

Swimming with Sharks: Season 1, Episode 2 “Chapter Two” (B+)

This show is full of complicated relationships, and this second episode only further intensified everything from the first. Lou was not happy to learn that she was being fired by Travis without a chance to prove herself and execute her carefully-concocted plan, but he really shouldn’t have done that given Joyce’s subsequent demand that she be rehired or he would be dead to her. Lou was ready for that scenario, asking what was in it for her and presumably negotiating a scenario that would be far less unpleasant and condescending for her to endure. She did not seem to expect to see Alex’s dead body floating in the pool, which suggests that wasn’t a part of her plot but doesn’t necessarily upend her goals either. She’s gotten very close to Marty and compelled him to trust her and appreciate her ability to keep a secret, something she’ll surely use against him in the future. She did manage to easily seduce Joyce’s husband at least into taking her out on his boat, though he does appear to be committed to his wife, ready to do – and watch – whatever it takes to help them start a family. Joyce was relieved to learn that Redmond was hours from death, and he chose to make what he thought were his final moments an opportunity for manipulation and stimulation rather than something more profound. Unfortunately for Joyce, he’s now in remission, and sure to make her life as miserable as possible now that he has more time left in his.

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