Thursday, April 21, 2022

What I’m Watching: Roar

Roar: Season 1, Episode 6 “The Woman Who Solved Her Own Murder” (B+)

What a cast for this episode, bringing back another star of “GLOW” for a truly terrific experience. I saw Alison Brie in the SXSW movie “Spin Me Round” recently, and she’s always at the top of her game. In this case, we got to see her express tremendous frustration at the incompetence of two detectives and make some humorous and pointed quips along the way. Hugh Dancy and Chris Lowell were great choices to play those detectives, who had radically different approaches to their work but weren’t nearly as focused as Rebecca would have liked given the gravity of the work they had to do. To top it all off, we also got Jillian Bell as Rebecca’s friend and briefly suspected murderer, and Ego Nwodim as the up-and-coming local sheriff’s department employee who did indeed deserve a raise rather than to be barked at to get coffee by a condescending detective who can’t be bothered to actually investigate a case. I like that Rebecca got to gradually discover what she could and couldn’t do, and that she was able to break the boundaries of her ghostly presence to actually influence people and touch things when she got angry or passionate enough. Brie’s commentary made the episode more than anything, responding to the insults people were making about her in the wake of her death and noting how annoying it was that Dancy’s detective was actually kind of attractive. I couldn’t help thinking of a term popularized by “Ghosts” to describe what happened to her in the end: getting sucked off, but in a more appropriate and celestial way.

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