Friday, April 15, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey (Series Finale)

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey: Season 1, Episode 6 “Ptolemy” (B+)

Getting to the end of this show is sort of like Ptolemy knowing all along that the miracle solution he was able to find wasn’t going to last. This did feel like a relatively lengthy six hours, but it also took a major turn in episode two when it became clear that there was a way for Ptolemy to retrieve his memories, which didn’t seem like it would be the focus of the show at all in the first installment. It’s been very interesting to hear how Ptolemy described his ability to see everything at once, including Robyn, and to see that play out through the memories that came up and the people who appeared, like his father, when they were definitely no longer alive and shouldn’t have been showing up. Offering to pay a monthly fee for the admission of guilt was an unexpected proposition, and chasing after him on the street could have led to a very unfortunate misunderstanding. While Ptolemy has seen tragedy and horrific treatment in his past, that’s not what this story is about now, so instead he got recognized by name by a police officer and taken in peacefully. Waking up to see Satan and other people who are no longer alive, like Reggie, was a fitting way to go out, and then we got to see how Robyn was supposed to be in charge of everything and Niecie was still fighting it just because she didn’t like being passed over. There’s plenty to think about in this show, and it’s great to see Samuel L. Jackson in a commanding role like this, though I was most impressed by Dominique Fishback, who I got the chance to speak with just before the show started.

Series grade: B+
Series MVP: Dominique Fishback as Robyn

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