Saturday, April 30, 2022

What I’m Watching: This Is Us

This Is Us: Season 6, Episode 14 “The Night Before the Wedding” (B+)

It was fun to have this episode come after Madison and Beth’s confused detective work, and to see how it played out in all the ways they thought it did as Kevin tried to work his way through what he really wanted. Though I did make a mid-episode prediction that it was going to end up being Arielle the wedding singer, in part because Katie Lowes is a relatively big name and the role would otherwise be rather small, I’m ultimately very happy that it ended up being Sophie since I’ve always been a fan of that relationship. If Katoby couldn’t last and Nicky wasn’t able to end up with the girl he hadn’t forgot, at least Kevin and Sophie can get another chance. That it wasn’t a given for her when she finally revealed that she was divorced was important since she really got to think about and he had to muster up a big speech to win her over. He also got to process with Cassidy that they weren’t each other’s person and cement that they do have a strong friendship which will endure. Randall’s Superbowl losing team merchandise speech didn’t seem like it was going to connect, but ultimately it came in exactly where it needed to, and I love that he was the leading the crowd of thrilled onlookers who apparently saw and heard everything they were saying as they finally realized they were ready to get back together. Bring on another wedding, or whatever comes next if a remarriage isn’t necessary.

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