Saturday, April 30, 2022

What I’m Watching: Mr. Mayor

Mr. Mayor: Season 2, Episode 7 “Murder in the Old West” (B+)

Much as this was a very silly episode, it was a fun opportunity to see everyone out of the office and trying to endure Jayden’s murder mystery. Aside from Neil’s new girlfriend, played by Ted Danson’s real-life wife of nearly thirty years, Mary Steenburgen, the people who were most into it were James, who took it very seriously, and Tommy, who just wanted to solve it so that they could go home. Arpi was completely obsessed with another mystery, which was what the newly-discovered slush fund of $90 million would go to now that Neil knew about it, while Mikaela couldn’t stop digging for answers about why James had turned her down. It turned out that Neil’s use of the money was highly regrettable, and he hid it from Arpi because he knew she would never have approved it. A space elevator seems like an absurd idea but exactly like the kind of innovation that could be pitched by an eccentric and wealthy tech industry personality who conveniently might offer to fund it themselves. The reveal of James’ story about living with his ex-girlfriend was fun, and I like that Mikaela still needed further clarification that he was indeed interested in her. Though Jayden can be insufferable, he’s at least learned how to make it work for him, like listening to the therapist who advised him to wait to invite people until the day of an event so that they couldn’t come up with an excuse, which worked wonders with Tommy and Mikaela, who were so startled that they had to accept.

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