Wednesday, April 20, 2022

What I’m Watching: Atlanta

Atlanta: Season 3, Episode 5 “Cancer Attack” (B+)

Here we finally got an episode that was all about the characters we know, navigating a typically awkward situation that should have been straightforward and easy but was complicated by unnecessary factors. Darius was all about looking at the blueprints and going searching for those missing rooms, something that no one enjoyed and which only further played into his conspiracy-oriented mindset, which made tracking down Alfred’s missing phone impossible since he doesn’t trust iCloud and Find My Phone. Earn’s response to Alfred noting that he was so busy was indicative of how serious he took his job, which often involves unfortunate tasks like having to go see a kid who apparently just had a “cancer attack” to search him for the phone. Calling in Wylie was a truly strange experience, especially when his uncle said he was nineteen and he noted that he was actually thirty-two. Whoever he was, he did have an interesting perspective on death and a truly lamentable bodily response to being nervous. His guitar-assisted song performance was surprisingly poignant, even if he didn’t ultimately confess to having taken the phone. Socks is absolutely off-the-rails and should be booted from this tour sooner than later, but threatening Wylie’s life over the phone did come with a humorous identity confusion which had Earn, Alfred, and Darius angrily asking him if he was mistaking Liam Neeson for Samuel L. Jackson since Neeson is already white. He almost crossed a major line that could have been his ticket home, but they might see the value of keeping him around since he may be able to fend off someone crazier than him.

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