Monday, April 18, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 8, Episode 11 “Resurrection” (B)

It is good to see Robbie Amell again as Ronnie, though I’ll admit I can’t really concretely remember when he was on the show and definitely don’t recall that dramatic exit. But it makes sense that, as everyone suspected and only Caitlin wasn’t willing to consider, the gap in time between his apparent death and his miraculous return means that it’s not really him, and instead a far more villainous entity known as Deathstorm. The flames may not be acting on a survival instinct but instead preying on the energy they can take, choosing to kill rather than doing so out of necessity, and just as Caitlin was the one who could save Ronnie, she’ll also probably be the one to ultimately take him out. Frost and the rest of the team might be able to help too, though that dreaded situation where Barry needs to go help Iris and isn’t present is coming to pass just as it seemed like it was going to for a while now. Iris making Sue’s phone disappear when she tried to call Barry was a worrisome moment, but not nearly as much as Tinya very purposely touching Iris so that she would disappear, presumably to a place where she can be rescued from but not easily without any clues about where that is. It’s definitely alarming to know that Chester has been live-streaming most of the work that he does at Star Labs, and I was glad that Allegra finally decided to hit mute when she confronted him about the potentially dangerous consequences of doing that.

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