Wednesday, April 13, 2022

What I’m Watching: Julia

Julia: Season 1, Episode 4 “Petit Fours” (B+)

This whole situation with the article about Julia’s program that ended up complimenting her while putting down the rest of WGBH’s slate was an entertaining series of misunderstandings, one that best showcased a one-way conversation between Hunter and Julia when he suggested that she apologize to Albert for slighting him when she had never even been consulted about the article in the first place. Alice did do a remarkable job of hustling and trying to find other affiliates who would be interested in picking up the show, and though her coworkers were upset about it when they first heard the news, it was a monumental and important moment that was key to Julia’s career and the popularization of her brand. Julia also figured out a way to solve Albert’s ego problem by getting John Updike to come on his show, and though his visit wasn’t all that enticing at the start, Albert’s first question got him sufficiently interested and made him think about things in an entirely new way. Julia has such a simple manner about her, startled to be receiving calls at home asking about recipe substitutions and wondering whether she should consider taking steps to ensure her privacy and safety. Her trip to her Smith reunion was eye-opening, since everyone revered her and some, like Iris, appreciated her for much more than that. Supporting Paul at his opening led him to an important realization about his own career, one that should help him be the partner Julia needs at this juncture. Ending the episode on their relationship was sweet, but I think my favorite part was the excitement Russ and Avis had to show Julia the ceiling mirror technique they came up with to solve a few problems at the same time.

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