Wednesday, April 13, 2022

What I’m Watching: Minx

Minx: Season 1, Episode 8 “Oh, so you're the sun now? You're the giver of life?” (B+)

I’m not sure I’ve thought too much about what Joyce’s life was like before all this, since she still has such an uphill battle to navigate even with the relatively forward-thinking Doug. This episode provided an informative flashback, one that also introduced us to Gillian Jacobs’ Maggie, who was the same kind of loyal support system for her that Bambi and Shelly are now. Going undercover to write a piece about a chauvinistic commune didn’t turn out to be the game-changing expose she had hoped it would be, but she’s really come into her own in the time since then, going toe-to-toe with Dick and showing that her ideas have plenty of substance. Bringing out Victoria Harnett, played by the always fantastic Hope Davis, who I interviewed last year about her role on “Your Honor,” to chastise her for the way she’s going about her feminism was an unfortunate curveball, but not as impactful as Doug being brought too so that he could undermine her with a cover announcement. She’ll surely be back at Minx before long, but Doug is going to have to do some serious damage control in the meantime. It’s interesting to learn that Tina and Doug have had a thing in the past, and that she wasn’t eager to let Bambi and Richie see who the flowers were from because they know how this has typically ended. Even if it’s not in a romantic context, Doug is going to need his closest advisor now more than ever to keep the young magazine running without its editor.

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