Sunday, April 17, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Girl from Plainville

The Girl from Plainville: Season 1, Episode 5 “Mirrorball” (B+)

The style of this show made it so that the experience of Coco and Michelle being in-person together felt like it wasn’t real, since they were interacting in the same way we usually see them, and, like always, were mainly away from other people in their own worlds, in reality looking down at their phones. Talking about Susie and the fact that Michelle may also have loved her was an interesting moment since Coco seemed curious and surprised more than anything, and, as tends to be the case, being together again in-person had its merits but also felt markedly different. Everything that the two of them say/text to each other, like him wanting to see more of her, feels incriminating given that we know all of the texts will ultimately be presented into evidence. We did get an important update on the case as Katie and Joseph went to court, which is that neither of them got the scope they wanted and will have to deal with a very specific timeline and set of circumstances to argue for their clients. Joseph seems to have found a new ally in an out-of-towner from Ithaca who doesn’t like seeing innocent people prosecuted, and we’ll see that what that adds to the case as Katie and Teresa continue to assemble a mountain of evidence suggesting problematic behavior from Michelle while both of Coco’s parents express displeasure at the way they’re going about it. As Natalie and Michelle’s other friends shut her out, she’s only going to become more determined to take the stand, a decision that likely will only reinforce what the prosecution is trying to show about her.

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