Sunday, April 17, 2022

What I’m Watching: Mr. Mayor

Mr. Mayor: Season 2, Episode 5 “Sister Cities” (B)

This episode felt a bit wackier than the others given the fact that no one noticed that the actors weren’t really the mayors and Jayden was just trying to cover for his mistake, so he didn’t bother to tell any of his colleagues until it was far too late. I suppose it does show how fake diplomatic and bureaucratic concerns can seem, as Neil was able to have full-on conversations will all of them without having a clue that they weren’t in charge of running cities in other countries. Among the group, I recognized John Ales from “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll” and “Sneaky Pete” as Nikos, who was relatively intimidating and managed to make out very well financially from the misunderstanding. I did like that Jayden somehow got the extravagantly-long pink limo stuck in a spot that he couldn’t possibly have gotten into in the first place, and that Tommy was ultimately put in charge of moving it when Neil wanted to reward Jayden rather than Tommy for making the mayors happy in the midst of a major screw-up. I found it very entertaining that Mikaela went to HR for help figuring out not whether it was appropriate to ask James out but to figure out how to do it, and it was wonderful to see Natalie Morales again in the hilariously deadpan role of Susan, who really didn’t want to hear about any of it but still had plenty of opinion to offer. Mikaela is going to drive herself crazy even though James surely had more to say than just his initial response, and hopefully Arpi can help talk her down if she’s not able to focus on anything else.

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