Saturday, April 30, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Girl from Plainville (Penultimate Episode)

The Girl from Plainville: Season 1, Episode 7 “Teenage Dirtbag” (B+)

While I don’t normally cite real-life experiences as indicative of what’s true or believable on a TV series, watching this courtroom drama did remind me of my time on jury duty. I was struck by how much it was about the legal specificity of the charges, and not whether someone did or didn’t do something. No one is arguing the content of what Michelle sent Coco by text, but instead what her mental state was and whether that meets the legal criteria for her to be held responsible. Dr. Breggin was insistent on what he felt Michelle did as a result of her medication regimen, and he objected to Katie trying to catch him in a lie by citing one of her texts and then revealing the date to have been earlier than he has said would fall under his period of diagnosis. The fact that he never met her was the most jarring part to me, and the courtroom definitely responded in a way that isn’t necessarily suggestive of what the judge thinks but does indicate considerable doubt about the merit of his testimony. In flashbacks, we did see Michelle opening up more to her friends about what she was talking about with Coco, and that’s of course going to do her in since she shared a lot in a nonchalant way. That final scene and her reaction in the crowd showed that she’s seeing herself as very central to the world around her, which isn’t the case despite her strong influence in one person’s life and ultimately his ending of it.

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