Sunday, April 3, 2022

Round Two: The Girl from Plainville

The Girl from Plainville: Season 1, Episode 2 “Turtle” (B+)

Although I’m from Massachusetts, I had no idea where either Mattapoisett or Plainville were, and I didn’t realize that they’re actually over two hours apart, with the former on the coast near Cape Cod and the latter in Western Massachusetts right near Amherst. That’s significant because it really does indicate how crazy it was that Michelle had Conrad’s closet friends and family drive all the way to a softball game she had planned without them being consulted. We also saw two important moments in which Michelle fabricated something that was entirely untrue, modifying her lackluster departure from Florida where he didn’t actually show up to say goodbye by telling Lynn that he had brought her flowers and making Rob feel guilty because she had already put down the deposit before hanging up with him and then placing the deposit. No one seems to buy the authenticity of their relationship, and Lynn was more enticed by the notion that Conrad might have said nice things about her than about the connection he had with someone else. Conrad and Michelle did seem to have a very nice time together in Florida, but he likely associated that with resentment towards his sister and his father, whose behavior in the wake of his death is considerably calmer and more sympathetic than when his son was alive. I was pleased to see Peter Gerety from “Sneaky Pete” and “Working Man” as Conrad Sr., who didn’t have anything nice to say to his former daughter-in-law. Gail telling Lynn that not everyone can be a home owner was a particularly awkward and uncomfortable moment.

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