Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Round Two: Julia

Julia: Season 1, Episode 2 “Coq Au Vin” (B+)

This show has a terrific cast, led by Sarah Lancashire as Julia, who does a great job of mimicking the real Julia’s voice but also of capturing her mannerisms. I particularly enjoy her interactions with Russ, who is set on her concept failing but who was unable to resist the appeal of her cooking even though he continued to insist that it was irrelevant to her marketability as a TV program host. It’s fun to watch Fran Kranz in this role after getting to interview him about his directorial debut with last year’s “Mass” and seeing how nice he was, a far cry from his obnoxious producer here. I’m also impressed with Fiona Glasccott’s performance as Judith, who believes strongly in Julia and knows what it feels like to continuously be told that women shouldn’t be taken as seriously as men, by the likes of Judith Light’s Blanche Knopf. Though Paul doesn’t always understand what support his wife needs, it was sweet to see him spring into action to hold the cue cards for her during the show and then get incredibly excited by her wine improvisation when she had to fill time because they were running a few minutes early. Given the hurdles and mishaps she had to endure while live on-air, she did a pretty great job working with what she had, and though I don’t remember the exact sequence of events, I’m looking forward to seeing her performance speak for itself and blow Russ’ expectations out of the water.

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