Friday, April 1, 2022

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 6, Episode 10 “Johnny Favorite” (B+)

It was strange to see Dave host a goodbye party for Chuck that suggested that he was positively sent off rather than brutally dismissed from his position and forced to collect his affairs in a small box. Chuck was intent on finding revenge but Ira, Adam, and Chuck Sr. were intent on taking him away for the weekend to distract him. However much they may not have intended to, they did give him a platform to earn applause from the rest of the room by taking down the obnoxious Ron Chestnut, played by Matthew Lillard. He’s also ready to entice Prince into his next bloodsport, which is probably good timing given that Prince is in celebration mode, giving all of his employees $100,000 in flight credits and parading around ice sculptures and other lavish excesses. I’ll admit that I was surprised by Rian telling Taylor that she couldn’t fall in love with someone at work only to then go ahead and sleep with Prince, but that says more about Prince’s potential vulnerability than it does about Rian, who continues to get close to the top brass after her newfound friendship of convenience with Wags. It’s strange to see Kate meet with Hall given how many times they were on the opposite sides of things without Kate knowing it, and the information he had to share about what Kate didn’t know about her own past was unfortunately damaging and may severely hinder her career prospects. She’s certainly not going to have a warm and open working relationship with Dave.

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