Thursday, April 7, 2022

What I’m Watching: Ghosts

Ghosts: Season 1, Episode 16 “Trevor’s Pants” (B+)

It’s good to know that, despite dying without his pants on and generally making inappropriate comments, Trevor isn’t actually a bad guy. Having one of his best friends come to the house to buy the very expensive watch they took from Hetty’s horrible husband was a great opportunity to explore his story. I like Rob Huebel from his work on “Transparent” and other roles, and he was a good fit to play the generally arrogant and then very paranoid Ari, who got spooked that he might be being blackmailed when Sam kept asking questions about Trevor. Sasappis was helpful in filling in the holes in Trevor’s story that weren’t true, showing everyone that, much as he might not like to admit it, he gave the new guy his pants – and some money for a cab – so that he didn’t actually have to walk home in the freezing cold as per the hazing ritual. It all worked out well since Ari agree to pay double so that no one would ask any questions, and they even got to cheer him on all together with Trevor going nuts on the sidelines. That should provide some financial comfort for a while, leaving time to focus on things like the blossoming relationship between Flower and Thor. She jumped right from finding out that he was interested in her to looking for a third, which resulted in some funny responses from Hetty and Isaac, a quick exit from Sasappis once he realized it was a sex thing, and the perfect candidate, Pete, taking himself out of consideration because this really wasn’t his thing. I like that Thor isn’t ready to give up so soon but also willing to wait a few hundred years to see if it works out.

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