Saturday, April 9, 2022

What I’m Watching: Killing Eve (Penultimate Episode)

Killing Eve: Season 4, Episode 7 “Making Dead Things Look Nice” (B+)

If I didn’t already know that this show was about to end, I might have been clued in by the haunting flashes Eve got while she was doing karaoke with Yusuf of the people who used to be in her life who are now gone. It was jarring to see Bill, Elena, and Niko, who were all crucial supporting characters at different points and likely wouldn’t recognize the Eve we now see who just went in and shot someone who was unarmed even with Carolyn there protesting for her not to pull the trigger. Because we’re approaching the end, we also got a sad character death, with Konstantin falling victim to Pam following Hélène’s orders, unaware that she was already dead and that she didn’t need to comply. Her apology was sincere, and I wonder if we’ll get to see what happens to Irina or if that was just a misdirect to suggest that Konstantin might get some family closure before this show signed off. Villanelle had her own pleasant reunion with Gunn, but they went from making out to Gunn using her boat for firewood and then chasing after her to hunt her in a very short time. It was disorienting to see Gunn catch not Villanelle but rather Eve at the very end of the episode, which may mean that this show’s title has been a misnomer this entire time, with Villanelle very likely to end up saving Eve before the credits roll rather than ending her life.

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