Wednesday, April 6, 2022

What I’m Watching: United States of Al

United States of Al: Season 2, Episode 17 “Virgin / Bakr” (B+)

Al got into this new relationship very fast, and though Riley wanted to make sure that he thought she was special enough for him to be willing to have sex for the first time, Holly did make the introduction. It’s possible that Cindy is the type of friend who you enjoy hanging out with but wouldn’t want your friends to date, though she probably should have expected that her eagerness to try anything would have led to them making out almost instantly. I appreciated seeing Jayma Mays, an actress I’ve watched for years on shows like “Heroes” and “Glee” and who I still remember from the movie “Red Eye,” in a different role, one that found her constantly pushing limits. I’m not sure whether Al’s decision to be totally honest with her – something she had to process out loud and which he didn’t comprehend was unusual – will mean that we’ll get to see her again or if he’s going to give a real romance with Ariana a shot. I’m all for that, but it’s not going to be such an easy switch given how he so often throws himself all-in for any endeavor. I liked Hazel’s insistence that she was part of this ride and deserved to be filled in on each step of it, but her funniest line was early on when Al wanted some of her food and she chastised him for not being ready when they were placing the order. There wasn’t too much happening with the other characters in this episode, but I guess Riley and Holly seeing another couple be far too affectionate in public was a sign that they’re both on the same page about where they want to be.

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