Friday, March 10, 2023

Take Three: The Company You Keep

The Company You Keep: Season 1, Episode 3 “Against All Odds” (B+)

This episode saw a big leap in Charlie and Emma’s relationship when Ollie spotted Emma sneaking out the back and then promptly told her entire family about Charlie’s secret girlfriend. You’d think that one of them would be able to tell that she actually did something other than what she said she did, and Birdie was definitely closest to figuring that out when she took a standoffish approach to getting to know Emma. She seemed to impress everyone, and did a particularly good job holding her own in darts, which was clearly meant as an aggressive challenge. I enjoyed this episode’s guest stars, with Luke Kirby from “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and “Rectify” as con man Jonesy and Jes Macallan from “Legends of Tomorrow” as Martha. Flipping their con and instead stealing from the one who thought he was deceiving someone else was clever, but you’d think they would have learned by now that their actions have consequences, even if Jonesy didn’t seem to catch on to what was really happening. Ollie putting her tracker in Daphne’s bag is a potential game-changer, but it may also have the unfortunate effect of clueing her in to the fact that she’s being tracked. It’s a shame that David’s campaign isn’t taking off, but it’s not a good thing that he’s considering an illegal way of keeping it alive. His sister, who’s too busy commenting on how nice it is that her family is finally acting like a normal family, surely won’t be happy when that inevitably comes out and she’s directly linked to his criminal activity.

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