Tuesday, March 21, 2023

What I’m Watching: Your Honor (Penultimate Episode)

Your Honor: Season 2, Episode 9 “Part Nineteen” (B)

It’s certainly interesting to hear Lee explain the chain of events that has transpired on this show, with Eugene being declared dead and Adam’s murder solved, only to then have him reappear and now be on trial for that same murder. She’s leaving out a crucial detail, which is that Adam was the one who started this entire cycle of violence by crashing into Rocco and then covering up, something that Lee is now holding Michael personally responsible for even though he now wants to tell the truth. Paul Schulze from “24” and “The Punisher” was a great choice to play the irritable judge who reminded the two lawyers that the most annoying part of his job was having to deal with them before chastising them both about the potential risks of compelling Michael to testify. Olivia approaching Fia had the opposite effect from what she wanted, and now Jimmy is pulling out of his deal with Charlie while still theoretically preparing to confide in his unlikely new right-hand advisor. Talking about his legitimate business reminded me of “The Good Wife,” and, as Carlo tried to detail about his naive smuggling concept, there’s still going to be plenty of illegality inherently involved in all of it. Lil Mo made an important decision to stand by Big Mo when he got asked to choose a side in the brewing coup, and that revolt has now been quelled with a pointed execution, one that leaves Big Mo in charge but has cost her an important part of her personal life.

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