Wednesday, March 22, 2023

What I’m Watching: Superman and Lois (Season Premiere)

Superman and Lois: Season 3, Episode 1 “Closer” (B)

It’s strange to have this show continuing and officially not part of the Arrowverse when the CW is essentially shutting down and all those other shows are done. The introduction immediately handled the recasting of Jonathan Kent by having Clark clarify who he was at the fortress, and that change doesn’t feel as distracting as I thought it might. We’re getting to watch him learn to drive from Lois, who purports that Clark is a bad driver, while Clark gets to work with Jordan on flying straight home and not going to foreign countries to try to save people’s lives when he’s not fully ready to do so on his own. As usual, the specific nature of the threat that Superman and company are facing isn’t clear, but there’s more than enough drama to go around even without superpowers and interdimensional villains. Lana is hard at work as the new mayor and finding out that messing with the wrong people may have consequences, even if she’s still determined to do so. Sam’s effort to take an interest in Natalie didn’t go well since he wanted to bolster her academic prospects and not have a familial relationship, but that wrong may still be able to be righted. Chrissy sleeping with Kyle is an unexpected development, one with the potential to create awkwardness and add a bit of levity to a show that’s typically best when it doesn’t take itself all that seriously. We’ll see how enticing this season ends up being.

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