Thursday, March 30, 2023

What I’m Watching: True Lies

True Lies: Season 1, Episode 4 “Rival Companions” (B)

As this show continues, I’m realizing that I can probably let it go. It’s decent and entertaining enough, but still adheres to a procedural format that makes it far from essential viewing. I did appreciate the guest appearance of Matthew Lillard, who was put to much better use than this irritating and idiotic character on “Good Girls.” Harry was horrified by everything about the Wolf while all of his colleagues were enamored with him, and the fact that he ended up becoming Helen’s new best friend only made things more awkward. She definitely misinterpreted much of what he said since she didn’t know he was an assassin, but she may also have saved her husband’s life because he only appeared to be half-joking when he said he was going to shoot Harry in the back of the head until Helen reminded him that he has a heart. She also made a good point: do dead people care if you shoot them in the back or front of the head? That said, it’s easier to prevent getting shot if you can see it coming. There was plenty of confusion to be had about who was really behind what attacks, and I’m sure the plot of this episode could be used as fodder for conspiracy theorists to argue about the prominence of false flag operations. On the note of operations, it’s good to see that Helen’s hard work has paid off and she doesn’t need to be a lonely trainee anymore, now promoted to full-fledged agent, which is sure to lead to complications of its own. I’d be happy to check back in with this show at some point in the future and don’t mind bidding it farewell for now.

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