Sunday, March 19, 2023

What I’m Watching: Shrinking

Shrinking: Season 1, Episode 8 “Boop” (B+)

We don’t often get to see Jimmy really get angry since he’s typically the one apologizing to other people, and therefore that was a welcome thing when Brian chose to deliver the bad news that he didn’t want Jimmy to officiate his wedding as planned while he was behind the wheel and they were looking for Alice. He also, at Paul’s urging, opted to be the hardass, serious parent he never is with Alice when she expected not to have any consequences for sneaking out to go to meet some college guy. Responding to her declaring her hatred for him by shouting his love for her was sweet, and it was good to see him feel some sense of fulfillment. While Paul isn’t doing a great job of keeping up his own family relationships, it was fun to see him delight in the opportunity to just stand there and terrify the college guy who believed that Alice was old enough and needed to be sufficiently scared. Jimmy telling him that she was twelve was pretty hilarious, as was Brian protesting when Paul made a comment that seemed to imply that they were the same age. Liz and Sean were great companions for Gaby as she made the questionable decision to go to Nico’s art show, and things went okay for a portion of the night. She really went all in when the gallery owner that she had liked earlier turned out to be Nico’s new girlfriend and apparent muse, and this was a superb showcase for actress Jessica Williams should she get a very well-deserved Emmy nomination for this terrific performance.

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