Tuesday, March 28, 2023

What I’m Watching: Perry Mason

Perry Mason: Season 2, Episode 3 “Chapter 11” (B+)

I had neglected to recognize the actor playing Brooks’ rather menacing father Lydell, and I now see that it’s Paul Reci, the Oscar nominee from “Sound of Metal” who is rather terrifying here. That he opted to speak directly to Perry and threaten him without much subtlety only makes him a more intense villain, and he knows far too much about the private investigator who’s now working to defend the men accused of killing his son. Continuing to convict the brothers because of the severity of the crime and not any proof that they did it, the prosecutor tried to speed up the trial only for Perry to once again not endear himself to the judge, who really isn’t having any of Perry trying to one-up him in the legal department. Being told that it’s best to kill a nobody wasn’t a very kind sentiment, and this is going to be an even more uphill battle than it initially seemed. Perry is always pushing buttons he shouldn’t be, mentioning Sandhaven and getting himself in trouble, and he’s far too entangled with Holcomb, someone he knows is crooked but whose involvement he just can’t prove. Della was not pleased to learn that Emily took her own life after sending Perry letters telling him she was going to do it, and that he had known about this for months without telling her. Their other top ally, Paul, made a startling realization of his own, and things continue to get darker on this show that’s always interesting and manages to find the seediness in situations that might appear far cleaner and more savory on the surface.

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