Friday, March 3, 2023

What I’m Watching: Hello Tomorrow!

Hello Tomorrow: Season 1, Episode 4 “Forms, Appropriately Filled and Filed” (B)

The relationships on this show have many layers, and it’s so interesting to see them play out as only a select few have even a portion of the correct information. Jack jumped at the chance to pretend to be Joey’s father, likely thinking that he would be able to prepare his son for the eventual revelation that he’s actually that same guy who didn’t stick around but isn’t so bad. Hearing that fact, even if it was supposed to be part of a fabrication, was enough to convince Shirley that it was the truth, but her first question to Jack was whether his family on the moon knew, a reminder that she’s not even read into what’s actually happening. She’s also about to be headed to the moon herself, or so she thinks, following the unexpected change in fortune that helped Eddie hang on to his limbs. Big Fred is just doing his job, and Herb was there with absolutely no idea of how much Eddie had riding on all of this. Mildred is causing plenty of trouble for Herb, whose wife actually showed up and confronted them at the same moment that she was there, though she’s not out to get him personally. Instead, she’s carefully keeping track of what they can and can’t do after having it explained by the dutiful and rule-following Lester. Jack tried his best to steer clear of business but Joey was just too enthusiastic to wait, and now the company is going to be in serious trouble for not honoring that day off.

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