Monday, March 13, 2023

What I’m Watching: History of the World Part II

History of the World Part II: Season 1, Episode 6 “Part VI” (B)

I didn’t enjoy the Jesus recording sessions as much as the previous skits with Quinta Brunson, J.B. Smoove, Zazie Beetz, and Jay Ellis, but I did appreciate the obvious reference to Mary as Yoko and Judas pointing out that the shofar was broken. We also got the conclusion to the Civil War, which ended with the three dim-witted soldiers venturing left to California only to encounter terrible traffic on a Tuesday afternoon as they were on their way to a Mel Brooks TV show audition. I was pleased to recognize Jack McBrayer as General Lee by his voice since it was hard to tell who he was with the beard, and Jason Alexander was a fun choice to play the late-arriving notary who accidentally brought his mohel kit. I saw Hannah Einbinder’s name in the credits and couldn’t figure out who she was but realized that she played Amelia Earhart in the Bermuda Triangle sketch where “pilot” was evidently code for lesbian. I appreciated the tie-in with Khan from a few episodes ago with and the drive to be “the spawn of Khan,” and it was fun to see it end up as a thread in the Steven Santelmo Statue Removal and Supply ads. The “topping tools you need” and a thought that “maybe you love statues” were fun excerpts from a running segment that did a great job poking fun at the symbolic nature of removing a problematic figure and the aftermath no one asks about which could certainly lead to the repurposing of something in a completely new way for an entirely different audience.

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