Wednesday, March 29, 2023

What I’m Watching: Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso: Season 3, Episode 2 “(I Don’t Want to Go to) Chelsea” (B+)

The introduction of this new Zava character is interesting because he quickly went from being completely unknown in this show’s universe to now coming to play for Richmond, which is likely to be a bad decision given his terrible personality. Having a star player only works if they’re able to play with a team, and that hardly seems to be the case for someone who told Rebecca how fortunate she was to meet him. She certainly showed her resolve and her ability to get in his head, shouting at him while he was at the urinal and commenting on how he eats too much asparagus. Pissing Rupert off was an inadvertent win, though he’s likely to go to war now that Richmond won’t be considered nearly as much of an underdog as it recently was. Roy’s breakup news got out fast and it wasn’t good that everyone knew that he was the one who broke up with her, and his simultaneous return to Chelsea when Trent Crimm was hanging around asking questions was a lot to deal with which he somehow got through with some helpful prodding from Ted. Keeley navigated a steely relationship with her CFO and her old friend, and showing that she’s able to be creative and positive seems to have improved that dynamic a bit. Other highlights of the episode were Dani’s excitement at scoring a goal with his face and no one getting Ted’s perfectly calibrated Hallmark movie reference. Rebecca getting mad at Higgins for jinxing things repeatedly was fun too.

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