Wednesday, March 29, 2023

What I’m Watching: How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Father: Season 2, Episode 9 “The Welcome Protocol” (B)

This group really does have their specific traditions, and apparently meeting a new significant other is a very big deal. The guy who confesses his true love for just about every girl he meets wanting to invoke the welcome protocol for someone new shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but the bigger twist was that everyone actually loved her. Jesse, on the other hand, was not so enamored, and so they had to do the fake emergency protocol, which he thought she was doing too when her grandmother had a medical emergency but that’s what it actually was. I enjoyed seeing Jessy Hodges, from “Indebted” and “Barry,” as Dana, who I’d like to hope we could see again but doesn’t seem likely to return based on how things ended. Jesse will also apparently be pursuing Sophie now, something that I’m all for but which is poorly timed given her newfound romance with Robert, played by John Corbett, well known for “Sex and the City” but who I liked best in “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll.” It was also fun to see Wendie Malick in a role that’s radically different from the one she’s currently playing on “Shrinking,” and which has now given Valentina a new function that will endear her to one of the meanest people in the business. Sophie repeatedly spilling sauce on people’s dresses so that they would change felt somewhat formulaic, but it was crucial for the barely clothed closet run-in between Sophie and Robert.

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