Friday, March 31, 2023

What I’m Watching: Hello Tomorrow!

Hello Tomorrow! Season 1, Episode 8 “The Gargon Mothership” (B+)

Somehow, it all worked out! Jack was able to go up there and play a part to save Buck’s life, and in turn he made it so that the crowd gathered to watch the launch had essentially irrefutable proof that the rocket had in fact come from the moon with the man they expected to see on it. Mildred seemed as genuinely wowed as everyone else, even if she’s still worried it may not be real, but she’s done with all of Lester’s exciting violations and other things that she can use to attack the company. That Herb, through his mouthpiece Betty, was able to actually sell upgrades to these people who don’t realize that the ship they watched was just delivering trash. Herb and Betty are in much better shape now even though Eddie tried to wield Betty’s lies about the babies as a weapon. Shirley was understandably unforgiving of Jack when he confessed that it was all him, and she wasn’t buying any of his empty uplifting sayings, like “What is life without a dream to make it go down easy?” She ultimately got the best revenge possible by telling Joey that Jack was his father, and just as Jack was coming down from the high of saving the day, he got the most brutal rebuff of all from the person whose opinion matters most. This season still has two episodes left, and I’m honestly not sure what’s next for anyone since this moon living thing is still just a fantasy.

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