Friday, March 24, 2023

What I’m Watching: Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary: Season 2, Episode 19 “Festival” (B+)

This episode had a fun trajectory with the fight to prevent Abbott from going charter, and I like that it was ultimately the overenthusiasm of the man trying hardest to push the charter change that ended up undoing it all. Janine expressing that she was very good at canvassing because people always open the door for her thinking she’s a lost child didn’t lead to much success, though everyone’s favorite parent Krystal was happy to take up the cause. Ava got very into AVAFEST even though she didn’t bother telling anyone else that she was listening to their idea about lying to the parents with a fake celebrity guest. It was surprising that Barbara was the one who suggested tricking the community into signing, something Janine objected to, and Gregory ended up saving the day by booking someone he really didn’t like to come as the entertainment. Tariq isn’t bright but he knows his audience, and he did a great job of challenging Draemond when he tried to upstage him. The scoreboard falling was not a great sign, but theoretically this crisis has been temporarily averted. I can’t imagine that Ava will con someone else into giving her a job she doesn’t deserve, but interviewing with Legendary to be their new Chief Marketing Officer shows that she is not at all tethered to her current position. Melissa stapling letters to her kids’ jackets and Mr. Morton hugging Jacob only to apparently still hate him were other dependable highlights of the episode.

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