Tuesday, March 7, 2023

What I’m Watching: Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary: Season 2, Episode 17 “Mural Arts” (B+)

This episode had some cringeworthy moments involving Jacob when he started trying to take charge of what his students were going to put on the mural. It’s unfortunate since it was his idea to have the mural arts guys come and it took so much effort to make it happen. It was good that he ultimately chose to embrace their sock show idea but did it in a way that allowed every student to have a voice and truly show what they wanted, which was quite sweet. Melissa was perfectly eager to help Jacob bully some artists into coming back, a better use of her talents than doing voices. Ava was far too on board with the idea of Abbott going charter when she heard what that actually meant, but fortunately Barbara and Melissa were able to talk some sense into her, aided by that one mom coming to re-enroll her son after Addington kicked him out. I enjoyed Barbara calling “Rugrats” rug vermin, another confusion of hers. Janine and Gregory were very awkward but it was good that they got past that quickly and that Maurice’s trip to Bone Town (the rib joint) ended up being the place that they rather clumsily decided to show up and tell him that they had kissed. Now, things are free and clear, but I imagine they’re not going to start dating right away. That would be far too easy, and there’s no way that smooth sailing is going to be the outcome after all this buildup.

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