Wednesday, March 15, 2023

What I’m Watching: History of the World: Part II (Penultimate Episode)

History of the World, Part II: Season 1, Episode 7 “Part VII” (B)

This show is billed as a limited series, and even though that doesn’t mean much these days since so many successful programs intended for just one outing end up getting renewed, I think this likely will be it since it’s dependent on Mel Brooks’ participation. I appreciated the first sketch much more than anything else in this episode, a humorous take on the Oslo Accords and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, which is no small feat. The Oscar-winning short film “West Bank Story” did accomplish it, and it’s perhaps no surprise that food is also at the center of this effective parody. The closing joke about who invented hummus ended up being a true sticking point, and I enjoyed the contributions of everyone around the table, including Michaela Watkins as the Israeli representative. We’ve gotten past more of our recurring bits at this point, but Shirley still got to experience more as she was pulled between two equally resistant potential endorsements and a weekend getaway where she wasn’t supposed to be working. The Jesus recording sessions are not my favorite, but I did enjoy the suggestion of dropping accents (we also got to see that angry Red Sox fan who didn’t believe this was a Mel Brooks show again). The Typhoid Mary cooking channel was moderately entertaining, and I think that the Sister Wives of Kublain Khan is a lot more fun if you’re familiar with reality television, which I am not. I’m hopeful for a satisfying finale that highlights the best of what this show has offered.

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