Monday, March 27, 2023

What I’m Watching: Your Honor (Series Finale)

Your Honor: Season 2, Episode 10 “Part Twenty” (B-)

Now we’re at the very end, and I’m not convinced that this season was necessary. It’s not that it was bad, since it’s certainly more compelling than a good portion of what airs on television these days, but it just didn’t feel impactful or interesting enough at any point. Just as in the first episode when Adam hit and killed Rocco, it was about people caught in a destructive spiral who were affecting each other negatively without any intention to do so, and the actual villains taking advantage of the situation. Eugene telling Michael that he was sorry about Adam should have been enough to end this whole charade, but the truth is that innocent people got hurt as a result of Michael’s actions even more than Adam’s, since the cover-up then caused the Baxter family to retaliate against the alleged offender, who in truth had nothing to do with any of this. Charlie was mostly absent from this finale and got away without any consequences, while Eugene was offered witness protection, something he deserves because he could actually start over and make a good life for himself. Michael confessing Adam’s guilt didn’t really help anyone, nor did it have much of an impact on anyone. It’s not surprising that Gina would wield her father as a weapon against her husband, taking them both out of her life but apparently not killing Jimmy off just yet, and allowing Big Mo to operate as long as she didn’t have to see her. I can’t imagine a third season is in the works given the very purposeful announcement of this season as the show’s last, and even though I watched this whole run, I could probably resist tuning back in for more of the same.

Season grade: B-
Season MVP: Hope Davis as Gina

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