Wednesday, March 15, 2023

What I’m Watching: Not Dead Yet

Not Dead Yet: Season 1, Episode 6 “Not Ready to Share Yet” (B)

I’m still very much not sold on Lexi as a believable character, and while this is a sitcom and not everything is supposed to be taken literally or as if it could really exist, it’s still quite distracting. This episode sought to humanize her a bit as she went into panic mode when she found out that her father was coming into town and tried to change everything to suit his needs, only for him not to show up and her to alienate her best friend Sam in the process. When Nell got pushed by her puppet lady obituary friend to go comfort her, Lexi was still mean to her while explaining the pain of being mean to Sam, and I suppose that’s just a relationship we’ll have to accept, with Nell eternally bearing the brunt of Lexi’s nonsensical absurdity while watching her best friend spend time with someone else, often at the expense of their own time. Nell could have pushed Sam much harder when things fell apart, and it’s a credit to her that she didn’t. Sam also seemed perfectly capable of spiraling out on her own, and it’s fun to see Hannah Simone play that part. I like the newfound bond between Edward and Cricket and that Edward is capable of being truly empathetic towards other people when they’re nice to him, something that he doesn’t try to do often with his tenant whose bathroom time is apparently limited to ten minutes, which is especially unrealistic with three dead people in there to distract her from brushing her teeth.

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