Saturday, March 25, 2023

What I’m Watching: Bel-Air

Bel-Air: Season 2, Episode 4 “Don’t Kill My Vibe” (B+)

It’s good to see that Carlton was able to get the truth out there about his panic attack and start a movement at school for people to talk about mental health, but unfortunately he seems to think that Yazmin not knowing any of that means that she doesn’t actually support him. We’ve seen from the look on her face when he was yelling at Drew that she does, but the choice to delete her number is one that will serve to isolate him when he could most use someone in his life. I did enjoy that he had his own bowling ball, something that bothered Will when it turned out that he wasn’t nearly as skilled. Getting suspended and kicked off the team was a poor start, and Phil was not at all happy when Viv went in to ask Doc to call. Phil was able to change the contract to Will’s advantage and make it so that they could start working together, but unfortunately we also found out that Will’s new girlfriend Jackie was playing Will at the behest of her uncle, which is sure to eventually come out and crush him. Hilary did her best to impress Jazz’s parents by learning everything she could about Islam, but she would have been better to work on her rollout of that information rather than trying way too hard and making them question her Wikipedia regurgitation in the process. Fortunately, that’s one relationship that seems like it might be able to last even if it’s an unlikely coupling.

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