Saturday, March 11, 2023

What I’m Watching: Perry Mason (Season Premiere)

Perry Mason: Season 2, Episode 1 “Chapter Nine” (B+)

This was a show that I remember watching at the very start of the pandemic, and I hadn’t even realized that it took two and a half years to get to season two. Fortunately, this show has maintained its moodiness and intrigue, never in a rush to get to where it needs to go but also still invested in all of its characters. I was pleased to see Tommy Dewey from “Casual” and “Pivoting” as Brooks, a new player who’s very involved in illegal activity and also ended up dead by the close of the episode. I also recognized Sean Astin as the grocer who was intent on destroying his former employee who dared to leave after not feeling like his career was headed anywhere, making Perry doubt whether he was spending his time exerting the right moral energy. Della continues to be his best asset, and she’s figuring out ways to navigate both personal and professional hurdles while Perry is haunted by the ghost of Emily Dodson, someone else he wasn’t able to help in the way he would have liked. I’m glad that Veronica Falcón’s Lupe and Eric Lange’s Detective Holcomb are still part of the recurring cast, while Chris Chalk’s Paul and Shea Whigham’s Pete also remain intricately involved in the investigative business, which will surely put them in harm’s way. I’m all for Justin Kirk’s Hamilton Burger having as many appearances as possible, and he did a great job of expressing how only Perry’s friends feel like he hates them.

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