Thursday, March 23, 2023

What I’m Watching: The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian: Season 3, Episode 3 “Chapter 19: The Convert” (B)

I’m still not entirely feeling the pacing of this show, which I know people have loved since it started this whole obsessive Star Wars TV universe, but I am happy to see that Katee Sackhoff is now a firmly enmeshed part of a second sci-fi series (see “Battlestar Galactica” now if you haven’t). Bo-Katan seeing her home bombed and having to follow Mando back to the jump coordinates he sent means that she may be looking for purpose, though her being redeemed without wanting to be doesn’t necessarily put her in a good place. Mando suggesting that she keep her helmet on so that they wouldn’t get into trouble was a humorous moment, but also one that stands in the face of her interpretation of “The Way.” At least the two of them weren’t the only focus of the episode as we got to check back in with Dr. Pershing and Elia Kane after the events of the second season. It’s strange to think of Empire officials being mainstreamed in a New Republic program that offers them housing and a chance to restart, known only by numbers and not by their own identities. After Elia convinced him to touch the monument so that the droid would pop up to yell at him, it seemed like they were in a good place, but the whole time, she was just setting him up so that she could watch him be tortured and contribute a bit herself. This is the reason the galaxy needs heroes to do the right thing. It’s hard to find people who aren’t eager to indulge in bad impulses when the opportunity presents itself.

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