Saturday, March 4, 2023

What I’m Watching: Your Honor

Your Honor: Season 2, Episode 7 “Chapter Seventeen” (B)

This episode revealed a dark truth that felt much more sinister until the confrontation between Michael and Charlie. It would have been worse in a way if Charlie was an evil mastermind who had knowingly sent someone to execute his best friend’s wife, but it’s also very unsettling that he seems to accept that one of the consequences of his quest for power is that innocent people may just get hurt, something that’s beyond his control. My suspicion that something bad would befall Michael when he got to the police station didn’t pan out, and instead Nancy fortunately revealed that she had been tracking Michael all along so that she could show up just in time to save him from certain death at the hands of a corrupt cop. His partner was more cooperative but also resigned to the nature of his situation, not prepared to go to prison and instead ready to take his own life to avoid that fate. Both Charlie and Big Mo turned a blind eye to him, cutting him loose when his association with them was no longer advantageous, which provides a curious commentary about police corruption and how they may be on the hook for their collaborations when their former partners no longer answer their calls. At least Lee was able to save Eugene by telling the nurse to call in a different gunshot victim and then running over to protect him when he started screaming his name as the best attempt to draw attention to his would-be assassin. As Jimmy spirals down further and Gina places conditions on his return to their home, Fia found comfort once again in her new priest friend, and though her parents won’t like it, the place that feels safest appears to be with Michael.

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