Friday, March 31, 2023

What I’m Watching: Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard: Season 3, Episode 6 “Part Six: Bounty” (B+)

The reunions just keep coming, and all three of them happened in a great way in this hour. I grew up with “Reading Rainbow,” so I’m very familiar with LeVar Burton, and it was fun to have Geordi return, angry at Picard that he was having to chase him down. He also had another daughter who was more by-the-book, and both of them ended up working together to harness the cloaking technology from the ship that in turn was going to get them much more unwanted attention. I appreciated Seven’s conversation with Jack about seeing Voyager and how Jack had a similar “knack for poetic drive-by observations” to his father. Picard seems more than happy to add everything to “his tab,” aware that he needs to do whatever he can with the time he has left to protect the most important people in his life. Getting Data back was an exciting development, even if Brent Spiner is one actor we’ve seen much more frequently on this show given his previous role as Dr. Soong. Riker is in quite the predicament in Vadic’s clutches, and he may be forced to cooperate now that she has Deanna as a bargaining chip. Riker being endlessly frustrated by Worf’s newfound pacifism and Worf commenting on going to battle with lovers when Seven and Raffi saw each other again were other highlights of a relatively packed episode in this already overstuffed season. We’re more than halfway through at this point, and I’m sure things are only going to get more intense.

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