Sunday, March 26, 2023

What I’m Watching: Shrinking

Shrinking: Season 1, Episode 9 “Moving Forward” (B+)

He didn’t get to do much aside from help Paul start to process his career achievement award, but it was great to see “Scrubs” alumnus Neil Flynn at the start of the episode. Paul really didn’t want to be put out to pasture, but thanks to the unwelcome advice of everyone around him, he made two terrific decisions: to invite his doctor Julie to come away with him for the weekend and to decide not to go accept the award in Las Vegas but instead fly in for his grandson’s play, which astounded and delighted his daughter. The best scene of the episode was definitely Gaby holding her mouth open in shock and celebrating that she would now be able to have sex forever. Not getting back together with Nico was the right decision, but opting to sleep with Jimmy again was somewhat more questionable. People do seem to be headed in the right direction overall, with Sean now launching his catering business with the help of reluctantly silent investor Liz and his friend Alice, who used the rock that Liz gave her (and won’t give Gaby yet) to convince her to do this for her. Liz does need something to do given that she’s ready to kill Derek every time he asks her to walk to the mailbox or just wants to look at a tree, and it would be good to get to see that big retirement party with people who actually like Derek and don’t just use him as a punching bag. Jimmy being reinstated as Brian’s officiant is a positive development, but it did reveal that, though he’ll be attending his son’s wedding, his father, played by Brian Howe from “Kevin Can F**k Himself,” would rather not be seen up there with him. Alice and Jimmy having another listening party was very sweet, even if Alice wasn’t quick to forgive herself for forgetting her mother’s birthday.

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