Thursday, March 9, 2023

What I’m Watching: Shrinking

Shrinking: Season 1, Episode 7 “Apology Tour” (B+)

The aftermath of that party doesn’t seem to be bringing good things for anyone, with plenty of awkwardness existing between those who hooked up or came far too close to it. Only Brian was happy since Charlie did say yes, and he was even able to get somewhere professionally with Paul signing over his power of attorney to his daughter. Meg showed up with the intention of managing her father’s care, and her offer for him to move in with them was moderately well-received until he clarified that he just couldn’t come there, choosing instead to build a relationship with someone else’s daughter after claiming responsibility to his patients. Fortunately, he does have a support system in place where he is, provided he opens up enough to actually let anyone help him. I’m so glad that Sean ended up going for a walk with Liz, giving her the chance to be an appreciated advice-giver and shortening the length of time that he and Alice were going to be weird with each other. It’s also great to learn that he loves cooking, something that everyone in his orbit, including the much-maligned Derek, can benefit from while giving him a renewed sense of purpose. Gaby and Jimmy may have gotten to a good place after they both confessed what they had done to Tia’s photo, but now Jimmy - and an unsuspecting Gaby - may have to face the fallout from Alice overhearing what was supposed to be an intimate conversation between Jimmy and his late wife.

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