Friday, March 24, 2023

Take Three: True Lies

True Lies: Season 1, Episode 3 “Separate Pairs” (B)

Not being able to afford fixing your home sink certainly does feel all the more ridiculous when you’re outfitted in absurdly expensive clothing on an international mission just to maintain a cover. Helen’s adjustment to spy life is a major one, and her obsessive reading of the training manual has also prepared her well for field work, even if things don’t always work out so neatly in the heart of the moment. Telling Harry that he shouldn’t drive and shoot at the same time was a humorous lead-up to him doing something that most definitely was not in the training manual but was what he thought would be most useful given the circumstances. Helen also pivoted impressively to a new cover identity when she realized that the woman they were working with wouldn’t respond to their original plan, and fortunately Harry was able to switch along with her so that they could pull this whole thing off. Professing to be more involved in house stuff was a nice gesture, though I’m not sure why it was that they needed to take a bath with all the money since it really just felt like a way of avoiding their real problems and a silly use of time. The supporting characters have yet to really pop and stand out, but it’s clear that Luther and Maria have a lot to work through, and it would best if they tried to do it when they both awake and not on comms that everyone else could hear right in the middle of an operation.

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